The Manifestation Audio Sessions

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Want to learn how to manifest more money, love, self worth and figure out your soul purpose? 

The Manifestation Audio Sessions are 5 recordings of the Manifestation Mastermind Sessions that I ran with a group of keen and eager to learn manifestors. You now get the opportunity to listen to all of the tips, tricks and foolproof techniques they learnt about manifesting anything you damn well want!

Think of it as your all your access pass to a group mentoring package, but at a fraction of the cost.

Here's what you'll learn...

Bonus Introductory session: Learn how to master manifestation with my easy to follow Manifestation Equation. This formula is the building blocks of foolproof manifestation.

Session #1 How to manifest money and financial freedom

We dive into the biggest money blocks most people are suffering from. How to rewrite your own money story. We’ll do a group clearing around the lack mentality that keeps people stuck in debt. We’ll also explore easy tricks to start manifesting more money immediately.

Session #2 Self love, self worth, self trust.

This session is all about you and improving your relationship with yourself. Because until you have all three ‘selfies’ nailed manifestation will escape you. I will teach the tricks I used to improve my self love and confidence that doesn’t involve a self massage, body brushing or saying affirmations everyday in the mirror (not that there’s anything wrong with that stuff).

Session #3 How to attract more love, romance and meaningful connection.

This is the session we chat soul mates and romance, but if you’ve already got both those things in your life you’ll still get a bunch out of this Mastermind session. Does writing down a list of your ideal partners traits work? Can you meet your soulmate on a dating app? Did I miss my chance?

We’ll also explore soul friendships, soul families and how to attract your tribe.

Session #4 How to thrive (not just survive) at work.

Whether you’re running your own business, working a corporate job, a stay at home mum or any of the other billion options in between this session is all about aligning yourself with your truth so you can attract the right kind of energy into your work environment (whatever that looks like for you).

Session #5 How to find your life purpose and calling!

Already figured it out! Great! Let’s make it happen. Have no idea? You my friend are not alone. Everybody has a calling deep within them. This session teaches us how to tap into our truth and authenticity so we can access it and allow it to guide the way.

*Please note: These sessions were recorded for a small group of masterminders in early 2018, but all of the information is still relevant. 

What people are saying...


Jesse McGoldrick

"Jordanna  helped me to dig further into where I had been holding limiting beliefs. I dug up thoughts around money, love, career and even my own happiness, and some of those thoughts weren't even my own. The most incredible thing I experienced with Jordanna is that I now manifest quickly and powerfully".


Fern Rongwattannasophon

I originally wanted help manifesting my dream business, but I got so much more than that. What I have taken away can be applied to every aspect of my life; health, career, relationship, etc. Above everything else I now trust in myself and the support of The Universe. 


"What I love most about this format is that you can listen to these sessions anywhere; on the bus, on your morning walk, in the car driving to work or while you're cooking dinner".

Manifestation Audio Sessions

$111 (incl. GST) a one-off payment