Setting the Bar: A Cacao Journey into the Peruvian Jungle

How much do you know about the chocolate you eat? Where is it grown? Who grows it? How does it end up on the shelf?

Not sure? Me neither.

Well, my mate Tim Shephard and his wife Amy made a documentary, called “Setting The Bar”,  about it and followed a group of artisan chocolate makers deep into the Peruvian Amazon in search of undiscovered cacao varietals.

What they found was so much more than just a story about cacao…

Conscious consumerism is a topic close to my heart, and this film explores it along with environmental sustainability, small-scale agriculture, the stories of the Peruvian farmers and the process from farm to chocolate bar. Tim is passionate about creating an unexplored conversation around cacao and it’s production. I hope this podcast episode helps with that.



I am so thrilled to share this interview with you, this story is important and needs to be heard. I recommend listening with a cup of tea and a nice piece of dark (sustainable) chocolate.

Listen Now:

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