How to rewrite your money story

29 September 2017 | Manifestation
rewrite your money story

My whole life my money story read like this… I can’t save, I can’t afford a holiday, there’s never enough, I’m always in debt, I’ll never be able to afford that, I’m always paying bills, I’ll never make that much money in my industry… and it would go on and on and on…

I had been running my own business for three years, and although it paid the rent and the bills, I never seemed to make any traction with it. Money would come in just as fast as it would go out. My bank account was like a giant sieve. Can you relate?

A series of irrational thoughts had become my belief system around my personal wealth (and worth). I had created an entire story in my head (and every cell of my body) that I was terrible with money and I was destined to remain that way forever.

As a keen manifestor, who runs monthly sell out manifestation events, I knew there was an integral piece of the money puzzle that I was missing…

No matter how hard I worked or how much I meditated and visualised financial abundance I struggled to have anything more than just enough to pay the rent and bills (sometimes not even that). So what changed?

Well, I simply wrote a new story…

Here’s how you can rewrite your money story too:

    1. Identify what beliefs are blocking your current money story: Beliefs are nothing but a bunch of thoughts we tell ourselves over and over again until we think it to be true. Once I could identify my old money story (I’ll always struggle, I never have enough etc) it made it easier to rewrite a new one.
    2. Give yourself some space to write without inhibition: Otherwise known as free writing. Set yourself a 10 minute timer and write out your new money story. Don’t edit, don’t think, just write. The beauty of free writing is that it pulls stuff from our subconscious mind that we can’t always access if we’re trying to construct the perfect sentence.
    3. How does your new money story make you feel?: This one is the clincher. Changing your thought patterns is a great start, and not attaching yourself to negative thought patterns is an integral step, but accessing the emotions behind your new money story is what is truly going to get the ball rolling on your money manifestation. You see without emotion your thoughts have no power, they are meaningless. How does your new money story make you feel? Can you sit in silence for 2 minutes every day and bathe in that feeling?
    4. Walk around as if your new money story is happening right now: That doesn’t mean spending loads of cash on unnecessary items, or shouting rounds to strangers at the bar, it means walking the walk and talking the talk of someone who is good with money, believes there is an endless supply of it, knows that they’re financially supported and will know what to do with it when it arrives in their bank account.
    5. Take actions that support your money story: Manifestation requires action. You can’t feel and think one way and then act in a counterintuitive manner. When money comes your way you need to think about how the ‘new’ story of you would handle it. Show the Universe that you mean business.
    6. Don’t sweat the details: Once you have mastered the above steps this final one wraps it all up in a neat little bow. You see, manifestation requires a certain level of trust that the Universe (or god or source or whatever feels true to you) is supporting you and only wants what will serve you in the highest and best way. When we get caught up in the how, why and when we talk ourselves out of our potential. If we can’t see it, we don’t believe it’s possible. If this is you, go back to step 1.

So what did rewriting my money story do? Well it brought me $20,000 in one lump sum (which sounds like a lot of money), but to be honest with you it’s what I needed at the time to get me through a pretty dry financial spell.

What made it special was that it was the exact sum I had been writing down as part of my monthly intentions, it came to me through a client I had never worked with before, for a job I never knew existed, and only a month after I rewrote my money story following the above steps.


Have you tried rewriting your money story? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below…

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