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11 June 2018 | Life Musings

I have been wanting to write this post for so long!

I have a massive support team. I think everybody should. Especially those of us that are holding space or are of service to other people. It’s primary to our self care and self development.

This is not a sponsored post. This is purely a list of beautiful angels that I see regularly and I feel you would benefit from seeing too.

The Healers

Zoe Bosco, Kinesiologist: I met Zoe when a friend brought her to Lunar Nights a couple of years ago. I started seeing her a couple of weeks later and have since sent many, many friends and Lunar Nights attendees her way. Everyone agrees, she is the best! I recently completed eight weeks of Spiral with her, and if you have recurring patterns, limiting beliefs or big stuff you’re trying to navigate your way through, then Zoe is your gal.  She does consults in the Orchard Street clinic in North Bondi or via Skype.
Book a session with Zoe at or follow her on Instagram @medicinal_alchemy.

Justine Peacock, Energy Healer: You may have heard me interview Justine a couple of times on the podcast. If you haven’t I recommend checking those episodes out to get a good feel for the work she does. Justine is an energetic psychotherapist, an accomplished coach and an intuitive and healer trained in many ways of working with energy. She works with people who are ready to remove the obstacles in their lives (mental, emotional, physical) and step into their highest expression. Again I have sent many people Justine’s way, and no one has ever been disappointed. Justine does sessions via Skype.
Book a session with Justine at or follow her on Instagram @justine_peacock

Marja Jacobsen, Reiki Master/Yoga Teacher: I was first introduced to Marja’s healing hands through her yin yoga classes at Dharma Shala in North Bondi. I then booked in for reiki healing sessions with her, which are magic, and since then have completed my Reiki and Reiki 2 training with her. Marja is a Reiki Master (the highest certification) but is also incredibly intuitive so will often pick up messages throughout your session. If you’re looking to get your Reiki qualifications, Marja runs regular trainings in Sydney.
Book a session with Marja at or follow her on Instagram @marjajacobsenyoga

Karen Harrison, Reiki: Karen works from Nimbus & Co in Bondi and Twine Yoga Studio in Newcastle. Her hands are sublime and I can literally feel myself falling into deep relaxation when I’m on her table. Her technique is different to the reiki that I’m used to but whatever she’s doing, it’s working!
Book a session with Karen at or follow her on Instagram @thehappy_co

The Psychic

You know what? I used to see so many psychics, but it really just comes down to one special lady now. Not only does she get such a clear channel, but she calls herself a Psychic Emotional Counsellor and she really does take the time to counsel you through whatever comes up throughout the session.

Rebecca Dettman, Psychic Emotional Counsellor: I’ve been seeing Bec for about 3 years now. I probably have 2-3 sessions a year and I was have so much clarity after each and every one. If you’re looking for the names of your your children and the exact date you’ll meet your future husband, then you and Bec probably won’t vibe, but if you’re interested in messages and guidance from your spirit guides, information on your soul contract and where you’re caught up in past life junk and emotional hooks then Bec Dettman is your gal! Get a vibe on her by listening to her addictive podcast series Soul Doctor on iTunes. Bec is based in Adelaide, but I see her via Skype.
Book a session with Bec at or follow her on Instagram @souldoctorshow.

The Practitioners

Rachael Haley, Chinese Herbalist and Acupuncturist: Rach is incredibly intuitive when it comes to her craft, and she certainly knows her stuff. I’ve been to a lot of acupuncturists in my time, but Rach knows exactly where to place those pins for immediate results. If you’re in Sydney I can’t recommend her enough.
Book a session with Rach at or follow her on Instagram @rachael_haley_acupuncture

Stephanie Hinton, Naturopath:  I’m not gonna lie Steph is one of my besties and we have been working together for years, but she also happens to be a very talented and passionate naturopath who specialises in endometriosis , PCOS and skin conditions.
Book a session with Steph at or follow her on Instagram @theremedykitchen_stephhinton

Jari, Masseuse, Icebergs Massage: This post is reminding me I must go and have a massage. Jari’s hands are the best in town, plus relaxing  on her massage table at Icebergs with the waves crashing outside is just sublime.
Book in with Jari: 0414 357 429

Junia Kerr, Beautician, Sage Beauty: I’ve been seeing Junia since I was a teenager. She owns oranic beauty salon, Sage Beauty, in North Bondi and her facial treatments are next level. I recommend any of the Dr Haushka or Eminence Facials. Ooo and the Fire & Ice Eminence Treatment is EVERYTHING!
Contact Sage Beauty at or phone (02) 9130 7064

Clodagh, Senior Stylist, Judena Hair: I’m not sure if popping my hairdresser here is the right thing to do, but I get questions about her all the time, so here goes. Clodagh is the best colourist, cutter and stylist I’ve had and she is the only person I will let near my fringe. I cannot recommend this Irish beauty enough (especially if you’re a blonde).
Book an appointment at Judena Hair or follow Clodagh on Instagram @clodagh_judenahair


Body Mind Life: I practice yoga at BML in Bondi and sometimes Surry Hills. I wouldn’t be a very nice human if I wasn’t able to practice yoga on the reg! Ya feel me? Across the board the teachers are great, and the infrared heating is EVERYTHING (especially in Winter).
Find out more:

Nimbus & Co: Have you ever tried an Infrared Sauna before? If not, I cannot recommend it enough. For a full understanding of it’s benefits listen to the podcast episode I did with it’s owners Su & Neil.
Find out more:

Heart Space Manor: This is where I hold Lunar Nights each month in Sydney. Venue spaces in Sydney are few and far between and when I found Heart Space Manor it felt like coming home.
Find out more:

Austral Herbs: Herbs, spices, medicinal mushrooms… I buy all of them from here. I buy in bulk to save money, so if you’re not sure if you’re going to like something I wouldn’t start with Austral but if you know you will never not love reishi or goji berries then this is your supplier.
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