Make It Happen Group Sessions

Everybody can manifest. In fact, you’re already doing it every second, of every day without even realising it… Unfortunately, even though we all have this power and potential inside of us, few of us know how to unlock it and use it to our advantage.


This is your chance to join a group of Manifesting Mavens as we collectively raise our vibrations, open ourselves up to our own magic and consciously create the future of our dreams.



"I created the Make It Happen Group Sessions because I wanted to offer a complete mentoring program that was achievable, affordable and accessible to everyone. You will walk away from our six weeks together trusting in yourself, loving yourself and taking responsibility for what you want to create in your life and then Making It Happen."

- Jordanna Levin


What people are saying about the Group Sessions

Bree Hume

"The Make It Happen Group Sessions completely changed my life.

I started a meditation practice totally inspired by Jordanna, and my mindset around life, manifesting, love and relationships transformed.

Jordanna helped me find my personal vibration which I know I had lost until I found her. She has a way of explaining it so well and guiding you to take back control of your life and all things you want to manifest.

I no longer live in fear but wake up everyday choosing faith and I know that all things I desire will come to me in divine timing. Meeting once a week with a group of like minded people was so lovely and even though it was all through the cyber world I feel like we made connections and truly listened and held space for each other."

Clair Kennedy

The Make It Happen Group Sessions have taught me how to feel into my intuition and trust it.

I really enjoyed the group environment. Listening to other people talk about what they were going through and their hiccups with manifestation was helpful and together we tried to resolve them. I enjoyed the company and interaction with the other people in the group, it was the first time I've done this, and I was worried about being vulnerable, but it was nice to know it's a closed group and everything is held in a safe space.

Overall I have learnt to have faith in myself and the decisions I make. As well as a deep trust in the universe.

I would highly recommended these online group manifestations if you feel your life needs direction or feel a little lost like I was.

Jesse McGoldrick

"Jordanna  helped me to dig further into where I had been holding limiting beliefs. I dug up thoughts around money, love, career and even my own happiness, and some of those thoughts weren't even my own. The most incredible thing I experienced with Jordanna is that I now manifest quickly and powerfully".

Why you need a mentor when you first start manifesting

Chances are you know the theory behind manifestation. It is more than likely you've heard me go on and on about the legitimacy and ease of using the Manifestation Equation and I absolutely stand by that statement...

"The Manifestation Equation is the easiest and most straight forward full proof way of manifesting successfully"...

However, like most theories, self-development philosophies and new age concepts, we can often understand the principles (even preach them to anyone who will listen), but we're not always so great at putting the theory into practice, you feel me?

How many times have you started that new diet? And then lost motivation...

How often do you start a regular meditation practice only to make excuses why today you just don't have the time?

When exactly was the last time you wrote that gratitude list? Did your morning pages? Journalled? Body brushed? Tapped away your insecurities?

I get it. I do it too. I read a life changing self help book, watch an informative free webinar or even pay for an online course and start off incredibly motivated only to lose momentum, make excuses or worse say I'm practicing it and are just plain lying to myself (and others).

It's not that these principles don't work, it's that we don't...

What you need is someone to hold space for you to do the work and at the same time encourage surrender! Imagine if every time you attempted a new self development endeavour you had an accountability coach cheering you on, answering your questions and listening to your apprehensions and fears.

The only way I managed to manifest all of those incredible things is because I had a team of trusted practitioners that I used as support. I'm offering you the same support but in one sweet little package, with the manifestation Queen herself, ME!

Why be a part of my Group Sessions?

When you’re really immersing yourself in the craft of manifestation it accelerates your practice to have a tribe of fellow manifestors holding a high vibration for you.

It’s the thing I struggled with the most when I first started. I had beautiful friends and family, but I couldn’t talk to them openly about energy and vibrations. And when you first start learning this stuff you truly want to share it with everyone. You want to show people how easy it is to start taking ownership of their future and their dreams, but when someone plants a seed of doubt in your mind, it’s easy to just throw in the towel and put it in the too hard basket (again).

It’s probably the same basket that you store the good eating habits you found hard to stick to, the journalling practice you abandoned, the gratitude list you can’t find time to write or the daily meditation you were once so committed to. I can rattle off that list with ease because that list was mine!

Not only are these sessions a mentoring program that will consistently provide you with resources and techniques that will deepen and strengthen your manifestation practice, but they will also:

Hold you accountable and make you feel 100% supported while you immerse yourself in the practice of The Manifestation Equation.

Give you clear focus and put you in alignment each week to keep your manifestation efforts on track.

Give you the opportunity to engage as much or as little as you want with your fellow manifestors.

Think of it as life, business, health and meditation coaching all in one!

Limited spots available

Is this program right for you?

This program is right for you if: 

You know what you want to manifest and you're ready to invest in taking responsibility for the co-creation of your future.

You're beaming with positivity, purpose, passion and pizzaz (and have a soft spot for alliteration) and are ready to make 2019 the year that good sh*t happens.

You're ready to get your hands dirty with me as we work through what's been holding you back from manifesting the things that you truly want out of life.

You're ready to work on improving your self love, self worth and self compassion programming so you can truly step into your power.

You want to be part of a tribe of Manifestors who are intent on raising the vibrations of the conscious collective.

You work with souls in the wellness, life or business coaching industries and you want to be able to teach them manifestation but are still trying to master it yourself.

How it works!

Each week for six weeks I will hold a 60 minute group Manifestation Mastermind Workshop via zoom.

Each workshop will cover a different in-depth topic and technique around manifestation and solutions to common problems that might be preventing your practise from evolving.

 These are essentially group mentoring sessions so I expect lots of questions and interaction. You have full access to me so make the most of it!  It’s important to me that every single one of you feels heard and answered throughout the entire 6 weeks we’ll be working together.

If you can’t make the workshop at the scheduled time, (although I expect you all will) you will receive a recording for you to watch in your own time at your own pace.

Limited spots available

What you'll recieve

By booking your spot in the Mastering Manifestion Intensive, you’ll be part of 6 incredible workshops that explore manifestation in-depth and you’ll be mentored by me through the entire process.

During each workshop I will offer manifestation mentoring, group energy clearing, strategy around the practice and intuitive guidance to help clear your limiting beliefs, raise your vibrations and get you 100% aligned with mastering manifestation.

A free 13 minute guided centering meditation narrated by me to really bring you back into yourself and align you with your highest vibration.

You’ll also receive access to an exclusive Mastering Manifestation Intensive Facebook group so we can continue to connect and mastermind together, after each workshop.

A weekly email with tips, exercises and support between sessions.

Upgrade to the VIP Manifestor Clinic

Receive 2 x 1:1 private mentoring sessions with me during the 6 week program valued at $380.

Receive the complete Manifestation Audio Sessions recorded during the 2018 Manifestation Mastermind Sessions valued at $111.

Total value $1041 saving you $191.


Q: I took part in the Group Mastermind Sessions in early 2018. Will we be covering the same stuff?

A: I've learnt so much in the past year! I've also written a book (which I manifested) and I have to say I have made leaps and bounds in my teaching around manifestation. If you joined for the last one, you're going to LOVE this new round of the mastermind sessions!

There will be different content. We move through the sessions a lot faster which keeps you accountable, and I have some freaking fun sh*t planned!

Q: What time of day will these sessions take place?

A: Sessions will take place on Tuesday nights at 7 pm (AEST). I want everyone to join me live for the majority of the calls but you will be sent the recordings after if you can't make it every week.

Q: Do I need to interact with other group members.

A: I am a self-confessed introvert and usually I would say "absolutely not, you're just there for you and if you don't want to participate in the group you don't have to" BUT I've been doing this for a while now, and I know that when we work as a group it adds an unmatchable energy, support and motivation that has people manifesting in record time! The group component is so important... If you'd prefer to go it solo, join me for some 1:1 sessions instead.

Q: How many people are in the intensive?

A: I'm keeping the group under 10. I want to ensure that everybody gets an ample amount of mentoring throughout the Program. If the group gets too big then it loses its potency.

Find the payment option that works for you
(either option will have you manifesting like a pro #promise).

Full Price

$550 one-off payment

3 x installments

$200 3 x fortnightly installments

VIP price

$850 one-off payment

Terms & Conditions

All pricing is in Australian Dollars and includes GST.

If you choose the instalment plan, payments are made monthly via Paypal subscriptions, for 6 payments in total.

If you choose to withdraw from the program at anytime during the 6 week period, you are liable for any payments outstanding until the completion of the 6 week period.

By signing up to this program, you're agreeing to these sales terms and conditions. I don't offer refunds for change of mind.

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