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"Witty, practical and laugh-out-loud funny this is a book you'll want to keep close by as you manifest what means the most to you"

Cassie Mendoza-Jones, author of You Are Enough


For years, journalist, podcaster and speaker Jordanna Levin thought that she was psychic. She would think things and they would come true. But she wouldn't just think them; she would feel them, take subconscious action towards them and believe with every cell of her being that they would happen - and most of the time, they did. A broken foot, a cancelled flight, a tragic love story… the list went on. She soon realised that she wasn't just predicting the future, she was manifesting it. Until one day she changed the game.

In this warm and witty book, Jordanna shares her personal experiences and struggles along with her foolproof equation for manifesting whatever you desire, from your dream job to a lasting relationship. Whether you're a matter-of-fact skeptic or a somewhat hippie yoga-lover,
Make It Happen will empower you to take ownership of your life and create anything you want.

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"Jordanna Levin is a breath of fresh air, teaming humour with profound wisdom. Her words had me laughing, crying and yelling yes while fist-pumping in the air. If you are serious about up-levelling your life, ready to call in your soulmate or dream career—or just curious about why life happens the way it does—this is the book for you."

Hollie Azzopardi, life coach & author of The People Pleasers Guide to Putting Yourself First.  


Jordanna Levin is a trained journalist, conscious cook, event facilitator, podcast host, wellness and spirituality blogger, yoga teacher and editor.

She loves tarot, crystals and the lunar cycle, but is also a sucker for schedules, practicality and good old-fashioned lists.

A free spirit with her feet planted on the ground, Jordanna has a knack for taking mind-exploding spiritual concepts and making them digestible, relatable and applicable to everyone. 


"We can all manifest the life of our dreams but it takes conscious awareness to make it happen, and the beautiful thing about Jordanna is that she will hold your hand and show you how. Just like a best friend, she guides you toward creating your dream life.’

Melissa Ambrosini, author of Mastering Your Mean Girl  

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