Lunar Nights

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Looking to master manifestation? Keen to set intentions and watch them to come to life? Needing to clear out the old, stale energy that’s no longer serving you? Or perhaps you’re just searching for a juicy and soul nourishing experience.

Welcome to Lunar Nights…

Jordanna’s monthly event series, Lunar Nights, has transformed the way people gaze at the moon. Learn the secrets of La Luna and how you can harness her energy to create a life full of love, abundance and dream fulfilment.

Now available as an interactive LIVE online moon circle gathering.


Inspired Lunar Nights

Online Full Moon Circle

 Join me for my Lunar Nights online Full Moon circle under the energy of the potent Libra Full Moon.

Connect with the potent energy of the lunar cycle in the comfort of your own home surrounded by your own creature comforts.

Be guided through deep meditations, take part in a transformative full moon releasing ritual and learn how to surrender to the potency of La Luna.

Details: The event will be on Friday April 19, which is GOOD FRIDAY. It will start at 6pm (Sydney time), 9am (London time), 11am (LA time). The recording is available for 48 hours so if you can't make it live you can still participate.

Live Sydney Event 

Connect with the potent energy of the lunar cycle at the next in-person Lunar Nights event.

Join me and a group of keen manifestors under the energy of the next New Moon. Be guided through deep meditations, find out how the current moon can support you energetically, learn the art of intention setting, and find out The Manifestation Equation that will have you manifesting all of your desires and empower you to Make It Happen.

PLUS experience the high vibrations of the conscious collective and get the chance to connect with like-minded folk over some sweet treats at the end of the event.

Details: The next in-person Lunar Nights event is yet to be officially announced. Follow me on Instagram to be the first to know or join the Lunar Nights Facebook Group. 

Lunar Nights Testimonials

"Thank you so much goddess. Last night was magic. I can't wait to come to your next event." - Anthea

Last night was EPIC. Thanks so much! - Alicia. 

Best night! Thank you for your magic love." - Hollie

"The energy was electric, you were glowing and hilariously funny and I felt absolutely tingly at the end. Thanks so much for the events they are truly magical." - Steph

"Thank you for a beautiful night lovely. So much radiant energy and manifesting magic." - Jessica

"Loved every moment of it. Thank you Goddess." - Britt

"Such a beautiful evening. So much amazing energy, I'm still buzzing. Thank you. I love love love your work." - Cassey

"Just the best! Exactly what I needed, thanks so much!" - Joey

"Thank you for your beautiful wisdom, I can't wait for the book." - Tahlia

"Incredible evening! Light & love." - Christina

"I still feel like I'm floating after last night. Thank you thank you thank you" - Inez. 

FAQ's about the online moon circle

Q: I'm confused! How exactly does it work if the event is online?

A: You're confused cos it's confusing (but actually really not). Basically once you book your ticket you'll be sent an email containing a personalised Zoom link. Zoom is the program that will host the event. If you don't have Zoom you will just need to follow some prompts to download it to your computer. It is beyond easy!

On the night of the event you will click on the zoom link I provided and you will transported (like magic) to LIVE video footage of me, your host! I will be conducting the proceedings of Lunar Nights as if we were in the room together except you will be in the comfort of your own home surrounded by all of your beautiful and comforting things (and probs wearing your pyjamas - as if you wouldn't). There will also be up to 100 other conscious souls taking part in the event at the same time. So the vibrations will be next level high. MAGIC!

Q: But if everyone's not in the same room how will the vibrations of a conscious collective work? Surely it's not as powerful as when we're all in the same room? 

A: Ah well that's where you're wrong my friend. Energy and vibrations know no boundaries. They can travel through time and space in a way that our physical bodies could never! The fact that we're all doing the same work, under the same moon, holding high vibrations around our intention setting and manifestation practice means that the energy will be just as strong as if we're in the same room (if not stronger because there will more than double the amount of people). WOAH!

Q: How much is it to join the event online?

A: Much cheaper than in person events because the idea is that you turn up monthly (although that's not mandatory). The cost of the online event is only $39. Plus you're saving on transport, babysitters and most likely dinner out. BARGAIN.

Q: Will I be able to interact with the host like I can at in person events?

A: Oooo good question! Yes, I will leave time at the end for you to ask me any questions you like about the event, and don't forget you can always hop into the Lunar Nights Facebook group too.

Q: Will I receive a recording of the event?

A: Yes, but it'll only be available for 48 hours after the event.

Q: Can I take part if I live overseas?

A: You bet your bottom dollar you can! If the time zone difference doesn't work for you. You can watch the recording at a time that suits (as long as you watch it in the following 48 hours after the event).

Q: Can my kids take part in it too?

A: Yes! Kids love this work. I sometimes swear though, but I promise it's always in context - but just a little FYI.

Q: Will you still be running in-person events? 

A: Oh yes of course. Hopefully in different cities this year. The online events will just give people who can't make those events an opportunity to join in on the fun!

Lunar Nights Collective

(Online Course)

Lunar Nights Collective large

Join me for a heart-driven online luna course that allows you to explore all eight phases of the glorious moon. Be led through guided meditation, course exclusive podcast episodes, comprehensive workbooks, pranayama exercises and so much more! The Lunar Nights Collective is now an evergreen course which means you can join and have access to all of the content the minute you sign-up.

What you will recieve

5 x Guided Meditations

Manifestation Meditation
Centering Meditation
Full Moon Meditation
High Vibration Meditation
Space in Between Visualisation

4 x Course Exclusive Podcast Episodes With Experts

Podcast cover
Podcast cover2
Podcast cover3
Podcast cover4

A Complete Audio Version of Lunar Nights

Experience what it's like to be at a Lunar Nights event on the New Moon. Be audibly guided through meditations, intention setting and tools for manifestation. This is one of the most valuable assets in this program.

8 x Comprehensive Workbooks

Complete with all the juicy information required to learn, experiment and play with each moon phase. You'll also receive journal practices, practical exercises and worksheets.

Audio Pranayama Exercise

The breath just like the moon is an incredible tool for connecting back to self. Enjoy my favourite pranayama exercise in audio format mindfully guided by me.