It can’t always be rainbows and unicorn farts

2 June 2015 | Inspire Me, Life Musings

I often describe myself as someone who ‘cooks, eats and writes with colour’. And why not? Colour is such a potent expression of vibrancy, beauty and life.

I chase rainbows in search of gold (ummm and not always metaphorically I have done it a few times for realz), and too often I describe the duller moments (and people) in life as beige or vanilla, as if their lack of excitement and momentum makes them less meaningful than the colourful chocolate-fuelled times.

But recently I’ve discovered that finding the ‘life’ and ‘colour’ in those ‘beige’ moments is a truly expansive experience, and a mindfulness exercise I’ve found myself practicing more and more.

You see, when we’re constantly chasing rainbows and the highs in life, all while dismissing the slower, ‘boring’ moments, time moves pretty god damn fast. Before you know it all of those average moments accumulate into years of our lives that we’ve dismissed in search of something better (can you tell it’s my birthday week?!).

Well this week I stopped to appreciate the non-eventful train trips, the bowls of porridge with monotone toppings, the days free of positive progression or epic drama and most importantly those people who I see daily and have otherwise not engaged with because… ‘beige’.

If you’re a yogi or keen meditator you call this process being present. If you’re not…well you still call this process being present. And the true beauty arises from allowing yourself the opportunity to appreciate every single moment no matter how dull.

After all, how can we possibly measure the epic wins, the grand gestures, the rock bottoms and the fearful leaps if we have nothing to compare them to?

This post was born out of a conversation I had with a stranger on a train from Central to Bondi Junction last week. There she sat beside me on the train, roughly the same age, but very conservatively dressed; Beige stockings, beige scarf, hair in a bun, no jewellery, brown court shoes and dull expression. She turned to me and asked me how my day was.

That in itself turned this woman from beige to multicolour within seconds.

Who does that?

As I sighed and honesty told her it had been pretty dull and uneventful she grabbed my hand, looked deep into my eyes, laughed and said “hey, it can’t always be rainbows and unicorn farts”.

Too right complete stranger, too right!

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    Suzzi Hartery

    Loce this! I agree it can’t always be unicorn farts. I have really been taking great care to be present and mindful when eating, who I am talking with and even just watching TV (though there are only so many McDonald ads you can watch or any at all). But you are exactly right if we are to far in the clouds we miss what is right in front of us and to far in the ground we miss the stars. Beautiful post and love that wonderful stranger.

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    This is my first time visiting your site (I ended up here by way of the BE+BH Wednesday share thread) and I have to tell you that I love your voice– the way you write with humor and thoughtfulness! Okay, now that that’s out of the way, it’s really coincidental that I am reading this! I just wrote a post yesterday about coming to a similar epiphany– for me it was realizing that I will never “arrive” to a destination that is permanent rainbows and sunshine. I really love how you worded it though, describing moments as beige and vanilla. I think I did the same without realizing it, referring to such people/places/ moments as basic and who really (ever) wants to be basic? But as you stated, if you only focus on the rainbows you’ll miss all the wonderful little moments that really made the journey what it was. Great post.

    Melody //

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    Even rainbows & unicorns get boring after a while! Vanilla moments give us contrast, a moment to catch our breath & regroup for the next bout of rainbow chasing

    Clare (enjoying her vanilla moment while the baby naps!) x

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