Sick of hopping on and off the wagon? Read this.

2 September 2015 | Inspire Me, Life Musings
off the wagon

A quick word on wagons, high horses and pedestals…

We all have them in our lives, we’re all prone to hop on and off them regularly, and we’re all guilty of beating ourselves up when we do!


But let me ask you a question (or three)…

Who the hell built this ‘wagon’? Who is responsible for driving it? And if you keep falling off it, why on earth would you hop back on? It’s clearly unstable…

Whether you’re popping yourself on and off the wagon, climbing up on to a high horse or placing people  up on a pedestal the inevitable outcome is the same… you’re setting yourself up for a fall.

This analogy can filter through all aspects of our life, but for arguments sake let’s build this case study around our diet and healthy eating goals.

On top of said wagon/horse/pedestal resides this idea of diet perfection.

Down below on the cobbled pavement lies a box of cronuts, a bottle of merlot and a bucket of guilt.

You’re forever battling the rocky terrain and inevitably you will plunge to your guilt-laden death… only to climb back on again.

Talk about self punishment!

And while I’m all for improving your comeback rate during those moments, wouldn’t it be nice if we built a lifestyle that allowed to us to walk comfortably on our own two feet?


Great, here’s how:

  1. Let go of perfection: That baby just doesn’t exist in the real world, maybe on social media, but that is certainly NOT the real world.  
  2. Include indulgences as part of a healthy lifestyle: Yep, this is absolutely the key to a permanent healthy existence, but there’s a catch… you have to do it guilt free. If we can comfortably integrate indulgence foods into our healthy eating regime, it feels less forbidden. Think you can handle that?
  3. Stop Idolising others: While it’s great to be inspired by others, it’s super important to remember that everyone is human and deals with the same issues that you do (whether they show it or not). When we place people on a pedestal it almost diminishes our own value. Nobody is perfect and it certainly doesn’t serve you to treat them as if they are. 
  4. Shift your perspective: I recorded a video blog post this week about how shifting my perspective  completely transformed my health. Check it out here.

So park your wagon for a few weeks, and feel the difference. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this issue in the comments below.

Feature image: Iain McKell


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