Foods that Balance Your Heart Chakra

Heart Chakra Foods

I hope you’re enjoying this series as much as I am enjoying putting it together for you each week.

Without being completely chakra biased I think, in our fourth week on this journey, we have finally arrived at my favourite chakra – the heart chakra (although I think I’ve said that about them all).

If you’re still catching up, make sure you check out the foods that balance your root chakra, sacral chakra and solar plexus chakra first.

I think that the fourth chakra is probably the one that we can all identify with when it is out of whack.

Well, the good news is that keeping it in balance requires a walk out in nature, some backbends, and a regular green smoothie.

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Sanskrit name: Anahata.

Colour: Green.

Location: Situated at the heart centre.

Meaning: The heart chakra is the energy centre from which we radiate love, joy, happiness and compassion. It also allows us to feel sorrow, sadness, anger and lust. It is the chakra that connects the lower chakras to the higher chakras and is vital in our journey towards self healing and development. The heart chakra is where we find our true self and only when we are able to love and accept ourselves are we able to truly love others.

Health: An imbalanced heart chakra can manifest in uncontrollable emotions like anger, sadness, greediness or grief. You may find yourself in a relationship where you are constantly giving and not receiving anything in return, always ‘fixing’ and ‘changing’ your partner. It will often result in co-dependant relationships and a loss of self. Physically an imbalanced heart chakra will manifest in your body as heart palpitations, chest pain, poor circulation, heart conditions, high/low blood pressure and difficulty breathing.

Heal: The heart chakras element is air, so going outside and immersing yourself in nature and breathing in the fresh air is vital in your healing journey. Spend time in the bush or amongst dense foliage and feel the grass between your toes.  Practicing Pranayama (controlled breathing) regularly will also help to bring the heart chakra back into alignment. Yoga poses that help open the heart chakra are back bends like cobra, wheel and camel pose with their focus on enlarging the heart region by expanding the chest.

Sacral Chakra Affirmation: I love

Foods that Balance Your Heart Chakra

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that a gold star diet for balancing the heart chakra is one that is full of greens. Why not start the day with a matcha green smoothie and throw in some leafy greens, avocado, lime, cucumber, mint and a kiwi fruit. You’ll be beaming with love!

Green Vegetables: spinach, zucchini, kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, Asian greens, beans, silverbeet, peas and asparagus

Green fruits: kiwi fruit, green apples, green grapes, cucumbers, avocado and limes.

Green superfoods: spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass, barley grass, matcha powder and green tea.

Herbs: coriander, mint, oregano, parsley, thyme, rosemary, tarragon, basil and sage.

Recipes to balance your heart chakra

The Yummiest Green Soup – Maybe I should rename this the Heart Opening Soup!

green soup

Steamed greens – This is probably my favourite way to enjoy greens. It’s quick, easy and tastes great with  fresh mint leaves and some crumbled goat’s cheese. 
steamed greens

Three of the best green smoothies – These are the green smoothies I have on high rotation.


And if you need further green smoothie inspiration…




Hot Matcha Coconut Latte – Simply dissolve one teaspoon of matcha powder in a little hot water and then add hot frothed coconut milk. (This pic is from Sprout Wholefoods Cafe).

matcha green tea latte

Avocado and fresh lime on toast – Who doesn’t love avo on toast? Well now you can enjoy it knowing that it’s nourishing your heart chakra.

Avocado on toast


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