What’s your comeback rate?

comeback rate

There’s a little trick I teach my clients who fall into undesirable patterns and as a result get super hard on themselves (we all do it).

I call it “measuring your comeback rate”.

Inevitably, with more of us riding around on self-built wagons and high horses, we’re bound to stumble and fall off every now and then… it’s what makes us human.

So instead of spiraling out of control every time you eat badly, or have a night out partying too hard, or simply fall back into unproductive and ‘bad’ habits, start measuring how fast you can bounce back.

For example, if you’re prone to throwing in the towel on clean eating after you’ve ‘caved’ and  had a piece of chocolate cake, by spending the rest of the week indulging and promising yourself you’ll start again on Monday, consider testing how fast you’re able to hop back on the healthy eating wagon and continue on your journey.

You know what they say about horses and bikes? Well the same logic applies here.

You may fall off several times a week, but the sooner you get back on the better.

I began practicing this approach after hearing lightworker Gabby Bernstein talk about a similar approach when it comes to spirituality, at her live Sydney gig back in January.

The ‘work’ as she describes it, isn’t in how well you stick to a practice (be it meditation, sobriety, healthy eating etc), but how fast you return to it when you do stray – your comeback rate.

It’s so simple, but it resonated so strongly with me I wanted to share it with EVERYONE.

Try it next time you slip a little or come crashing hard and fast. It’s a much kinder approach than beating yourself up and spiralling into feelings of guilt, remorse and self-loathing, which serve you in absolutely zero ways.

Interested in learning more techniques like this one and being guided to improve your relationship with food and self? Then consider joining me for a 1:1 coaching session.

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