Banana, Cacao & Beetroot Muffins

3 December 2015 | Recipes

These Banana, Cacao & Beetroot Muffins do all the talking. So much so that I don’t feel like I really need to sell them to you with my wordy wit. Cacao and Beetroot are the best of buddies, and the…

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Vegetable, Lentil & Brown Rice Loaf

1 December 2015 | Recipes
lentil & brown rice loaf

I’ll keep this short and sweet. This loaf is cheap, full of good proteins and carbohydrates, vegan, tasty and full of vegetables. It also makes 10-12 slices so you can make it on a Sunday and enjoy it throughout the week…

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Vegan Zucchini, Carrot & Pecan Muffins

23 November 2015 | Recipes
vegan muffins

I get no greater pleasure than sharing food with loved ones. While I’m all for cooking for your own health and convenience, nothing really beats the feeling of cooking food for other people to enjoy. I am lucky enough to work…

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Heirloom Tomato & Pesto Grain-Free Pizza

16 November 2015 | Recipes
Heirloom tomato pizza

I could rattle off health tips for days. Ask me to write a listicle of my favourite tips, tricks and techniques for radiating wellness and we’d end up in the triple digits. But when prompted for my number one tip,…

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Sugar-Free Raspberry Jelly Pots

6 November 2015 | Recipes
sugar-free jelly pots

I have similar jelly recipes to this already on the site (here and here), but I’ve had an overwhelming response for this particular jelly pot recipe. The reason I haven’t given it out yet is because it only contains 4 ingredients,…

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Turmeric Hummus

14 October 2015 | Recipes
turmeric hummus

It’s been a quiet week on the blog, which means it’s been a not so quiet week behind the scenes. I released my new eBook Inspired Smoothies? It’s FREE. You can grab your copy here. I’ve just secured some AMAZING talent for…

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Black Bean Chocolate Cake

7 October 2015 | Recipes

Cherry popping moment! I have never had a guest post on The Inspired Table before. And it is not often that I would share someone else’s recipe on my own website (except that time I featured Janneke’s Raw Chocolate Wonder…

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Superfood Pesto Recipe

28 September 2015 | Recipes
blog_recipe_superfood pesto

I think I’m up to my fifth attempt at growing herbs. Sometimes it’s just easier to except defeat than to subject another batch of coriander and thyme to my torturous black thumbs. I’m hoping feeding my children will come a lot…

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Beetroot & Black Bean Patties

21 September 2015 | Recipes
beetroot and black bean patties

So, I am not a vegan, Friday night’s steak dinner was testament to that, but I sure do enjoy some good vegan fare. I also dig the culinary challenge of it. This recipe, was inspired by my current vegan muse, Kate Levins…

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