Life Musings

How to be a Conscious Carnivore

21 April 2015 | Health, Life Musings

I categorise myself as a considerate and conscious eater. I try and buy organic, ethically sourced and sustainable produce, I never let food go to waste and I make good use of my kitchen scraps. But something I struggle with…

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Why I’ve started saying grace

16 April 2015 | Health, Life Musings

My father is a non-practicing jew, my mother a non-practicing catholic, and I was raised to have faith in myself and my ability to do anything I desired… but as a teenager, i labelled myself an atheist. I didn’t believe…

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3 Guilt-Free Chocolate Easter Recipes

2 April 2015 | Life Musings

Because chocolate and guilt should never be friends… Here are three of my favourite guilt-free chocolate Easter recipes: Hot Cross Chocolate Bliss Balls Yahoo 7 labelled this their favourite Easter recipe! Woo hoo! And all of your feedback has been more…

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A little love advice…

13 February 2015 | Inspire Me, Life Musings
a little love advice

I was in two minds about writing a Valentines Day post. Actually, that’s being very conservative of me, it was more like four minds. I’ve been going back and forth all week. What do I write? A profound prose about a…

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What is mindful eating?

4 February 2015 | Health, Inspire Me, Life Musings
mindful eating

Let’s just clear something up straight from the get go. Mindful eating has absolutely nothing to do with sitting in lotus position while devouring a raw sprouted vegan burger and sipping on the milk of a hindu unicorn (or zebra)….

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