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The best natural beauty products

31 July 2015 | Health, Inspire Me, Life Musings

Did you catch last week’s Buyers Guide to Natural Beauty compiled by the gorgeous Nina Weston from I hope it made the world of natural, eco-friendly skincare and makeup a little less scary and très inviting. If you’re still feeling…

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6 Tips for Eating Out With Food Allergies

3 June 2015 | Health, Inspire Me

The Stress-Free Guide to Allergies and Intolerances is fast becoming the bestselling book in The Inspired Table store. This is an extract from one of my favourite chapters.  One of the key stresses surrounding people’s relationship with food, is the ability to…

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Inspirational porridge toppers

21 May 2015 | Inspire Me, Recipes

Did you catch last week’s post on my favourite soup toppers? Take a simple soup and pimp it with delicious accessories. Simple, right? Well I’ve been doing the same thing with my breakfasts. Take a simple porridge (sometimes soaked oats, sometimes quinoa)…

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