Zucchini, Lemon & Goat Cheese Muffins

13 September 2016 | Recipes
Zucchini, Lemon & Goat Cheese Muffins

I made these Zucchini, Lemon & Goat Cheese Muffins as part of a breakfast spread for an event I catered for the BBC. The brief was a healthy, vegetarian, savoury muffin. One of my favourite muffin combos is lemon, thyme &…

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Quick & Easy Chickpea Dosa Recipe

25 July 2016 | Recipes
Easy Chickpea Dosa Recipe

If you follow me on Instagram, you’re probably aware of my chickpea dosa obsession. I serve them with soup, curry, eggs, salads, pretty much anything really. Traditionally dosas are made with soaked rice, soaked chickpeas and spices. And as beautiful…

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Roast Pumpkin & Fig Frittata

23 May 2016 | Recipes
Roast pumpkin & Fig frittata

I love coming up with new frittata combos almost as much as new smoothie or muffin combos, but this Roast Pumpkin & Fig Frittata surprised even me with it’s deliciousness. This experiment was a result of cheap figs and an…

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Chicken & Vegetable Soup (for the soul)

4 April 2016 | Recipes
chicken & vegetable soup

As soon as the temp drops a little I’m all about the soup! Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Soup. For. Days. If you too are a soup enthusiast you might like to check out my Green Soup, Roast Pumpkin, Carrot &…

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The Best Sticky Chai Recipe

9 March 2016 | Life Musings
sticky chai

While enjoying my month sans coffee, I’ve become a bit of a chai snob and although I have my favourites (hit me up for the list) I have recently resorted to making my own… Because there’s chai and then there’s…

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Chamomile, Apricot & Almond Bircher Muesli

21 February 2016 | Recipes
chamomile, apricot & almond bircher

New breakfast obsession alert! There are an infinite amount of flavour combinations in this world. My current favourite are chocolate & cardamom, peach & cumin, mango & turmeric and coconut & passionfruit. Last year, when developing recipes for a smoothie cookbook I stumbled across the combination…

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Apple, Beetroot & Walnut Muffins

1 February 2016 | Recipes
Apple, Beetroot & Walnut Muffins

So it turns out I can’t do a million things at once! I know, I’m just as shocked as you are. Since starting my podcast series, The Inspired Table Podcast, and working on some exciting recipe development projects (which I…

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Tropical Turmeric Bliss Balls

16 December 2015 | Recipes
turmeric bliss balls

It’s an addiction. A meditative addiction and I can’t stop. There is something about the bliss ball rolling trance that I can’t get enough of. These are my latest flavour combination. I love the bright yellow hue. It’s unexpected. It makes…

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Banana, Cacao & Beetroot Muffins

3 December 2015 | Recipes

These Banana, Cacao & Beetroot Muffins do all the talking. So much so that I don’t feel like I really need to sell them to you with my wordy wit. Cacao and Beetroot are the best of buddies, and the…

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