7 delicious soup toppers

4 May 2015 | Recipes

I kicked off soup season a little prematurely this year, but now that it’s officially freaking cold and wet I think it’s considered acceptable to have soup every night for dinner, right?

Soup for days, I say!

What I like to do is make up a big batch on a Sunday night and then enjoy it as a fuss free dinner during the week. (You might like to try my Roast Pumpkin, Carrot and Turmeric Soup).

Then to prevent myself from stabbing myself in the eye with my soup spoon out of sheer repetitive boredom, I accessorise my soup with fun toppings. They add flavour, texture, and Instagram worthy colour.

Here are 7 of my favourite soup toppers:

1. Herbs. Like LOTS of herbs!

I’m talking handfuls of the stuff. Try coriander, basil or parsley.




2. Sauerkraut

It’s important to include some fermented veg with every meal, so why not just plonk it on top of your soup? Plus how about those colours! I can see all the likes now…



3. Haloumi Croutons

I spent the entire winter of 2011 making green soup. It was the same year I came up with the genius idea of cutting haloumi into little squares and frying it up into little soup croutons. Try this now! It will change your life!


4. Roasted eggplant

When you make your big batch of soup on a Sunday, chuck some eggplant in the oven and roast it up to sprinkle on top. You could also try this with sweet potato, parsnip, carrots and cauliflower. Oooo I haven’t tried cauliflower but I reckon it would be AMAZING!


5. Pepitas 

It’s a texture thing, and the smoother the soup the better the contrast of the crunch. This bowl also has nutritional yeast flakes sprinkled on top (a great Parmesan alternative for vegans).



6. Toasted Coconut & Coconut Yoghurt

This was one of those fortunate accidents you hear about in the culinary world. I had made too much cinnamon toasted coconut flakes for my porridge that morning, so I threw them on this curried pumpkin soup with a dollop of coconut yoghurt. Yum!!!!

toasted coconut

7. Coconut milk drizzle

You could use regular cream if you prefer, but there is nothing like a creamy swirl to really lift a soup. I sprinkled this green soup with some hemp seeds for added protein.

What are you favourite soup toppers?

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