Podcast: 3 easy ways to love yourself (and mean it).

21 September 2015 | Inspire Me, Life Musings
3 easy ways to love yourself (and mean it).

When I posted my first ever video post a couple of weeks back, I received an overwhelming response from readers who could relate to my struggle and loved the messaging surrounding health that I’ve made it my mission to spread.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about start here.

But even though we all know that we need to start loving ourselves more and quit measuring our health based solely on outward appearances, many of you asked “how the hell do I actually do that?”!

Now, I was going to make another video post, but I found myself waiting for the perfect lighting and a good hair day that never came, so in the spirit of getting sh*t done, I decided to just record audio and get this info up for you to absorb immediately (it’s also good practice for my new podcast series which is launching really really soon on iTunes).

I’ve included links to some of things I discuss below the recording. Oh, and I should warn you there is a little bit of light swearing in this track, sorry if it offends you.

If you like to listen to stuff like this on the go you can download the file by clicking on that little arrow on the right.

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