Mindful Eating & How Energy Effects Our Food

Every now and then the tables are turned and I appear as a guest on someone else’s show!

A few weeks ago I featured as guest on one of my favourites podcasts, Soul Doctor.

I wanted to share an excerpt from a conversation that I had, with host Rebecca Dettman in an episode called Food Wars. The episode in it’s entirety explores all facets of the way we view, feel connect, disconnect and over analyse food. It explores the weight loss culture, disordered eating, food as medicine and even dares to tackle the carnivores vs vegans debate.

Rebecca’s interviewing format is different to most podcasts in that it isn’t just an interview between her a guest. She picks a topic of discussion that she researches heavily and then invites various guests to share their opinions or experiences. In this excerpt from the full episode, we discuss mindful and intuitive eating, energy in food, having a loving affair with your kitchen, why recipes are like magic potions, why we need to stop bring GAS to the table, and so much more.

Listen now:

I recorded an episode with Rebecca Dettman in the first season of the podcast. You can listen to that episode here. 

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