Manifestation is an elegant dance between action and surrender. It’s not about learning the steps, it’s about matching your vibrations to the melody.


Working with the fundamentals of vibrational energy, and the pranic power of yoga, pranayama and meditation, I educate conscious souls how to take ownership and responsibility for their own future through the transformational practice of manifestation.


You are the co-creator of your own future, what a sweet remembering that is…

The Manifestation Tool Kit


To truly embody the teachings of manifestation, one must understand the role that energy plays. Yoga is the perfect portal to allow you to truly grasp how easily we can shift our vibrations and open up our energetic potential. Check out my current teaching schedule or book in for a 1:1.


Through my private and group mentoring sessions, regular events and educational workshops, my mission is to make manifestation attainable for everyone, the truth is you're probably doing it right now. Find a package that works for you and your budget or book in a single session. 

Lunar Nights

Join me monthly under the powerful energy of the New Moon to set intentions and raise your vibrations with a conscious collective. Attend the latest event or join me online as part of the Lunar Nights Collective and witness manifestation take place supported and guided by the moon.


Lunar Nights October 9

Join me and for my sell out monthly event series Lunar Nights under the Libra New Moon. Be guided through meditation, learn the art of intention setting and join the conscious collective for an epic manifestation session. 

Work with me

1:1 Yoga Sessions

Discover your energetic potential through a private slow vinyasa and yin yoga practice.

1:1 Manifestation Mentoring

Take your manifestation to the next level with private mentoring. 

Client Love

Stephanie Hinton

Stephanie Hinton

Jordanna's session cleared some BIG emotional blocks and limiting beliefs that were holding me back. All while formulating a solid plan to manifest things in my personal and professional life. After just one session I felt completely supported by the Universe.

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Julia Eichelberg

Jordanna is truly gifted when it comes to setting the scene and holding space for people. She shares her knowledge and experience generously in a clear and heart-centered way, which makes her relatable to absolutely everyone.