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The moon has witnessed things we couldn't even begin to imagine. She has been the observer, the creator, the mover and the shaker, long before the human hustle existed. She ebbs and flows, waxes and wanes, acts and surrenders all in an effort to find balance in a Universe that only has our best interests at its core. 

She is our greatest teacher when it comes to tuning back into self, and our own cyclical and rhythmic nature as humans on planet Earth. 

By harnessing the energy of La Luna and her ever changing phases, we are able to tap into our innate power of creation and manifestation. 


This online offering is a culmination of two years worth of content that I have explored, created and shared with over 1000 attendees at my monthly live Lunar Nights events. 

But while the Lunar Nights events have only allowed us to dive into the energy and power of the New Moon, Lunar Nights Collective allows and encourages us to make the most of every single phase and ever changing face of the entire lunar cycle. 

No phase is more significant than the other, they each offer their own energy and opportunity to grow, expand and surrender. 

This course is for anyone who is looking to explore their connection to the feminine power of the moon and their universal right to be the co-creator of their own future. 

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"Once I allowed myself to lean in to and be supported by the energetic cycles of each phase of the moon, my ability to trust, show up and manifest even my wildest dreams suddenly became an easeful, enjoyable and empowering experience.


Since I've started sharing my experiences with the moon, I've seen the connection that it cultivates not only as part of a conscious collective, but more importantly our connection to ourselves and the Universe."


Jordanna Levin - Lunar Lover & Master Manifestor. 

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What to expect from the Lunar Nights Collective

Each module of the course is linked to a phase in the lunar cycle. The content is then based on what is energetically being offered to us by that particular phase. By harnessing the energy of the moon through each of her eight phases we can harmoniously align ourselves with cyclical universal energy and step into our truth and authenticity. 

Each module contains a comprehensive workbook filled with juicy information and practical exercises. You will also receive Lunar Nights Collective exclusive podcast episodes, audio pranayama (breathing) exercises, 5 guided meditations, and perhaps the most most valued part of this course, a complete audio recording of the Lunar Nights experience so you can listen to it each new moon as if you're live at the event. 

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The Art of
Intention Setting

Dive deep into how to set clear intentions, why we set them on a New Moon and how to set the set scene to celebrate La Luna.

You'll also receive a complete audio recording of a Lunar Nights session so you can run through the process at home, as if you were at the event.

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The Significance of Universal Cycles

Everything in the universe moves in cycles, the sun, the seasons, women's menstrual cycles, the breath, and of course the moon.

Discover the power of leaning into all universal cycles and how we can use them to give our intentions some momentum.

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The Moon & the
Law of Vibration

Explore the link between thoughts, feelings and your ability to shift your own vibration as you dive into the Law of Vibration.

Plus, learn how the Law of Vibration and the lunar cycle work together and how you can make the most of each lunar phase to assist in raising your vibrations.

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Creating Space & Exploring The Spaces Between 

Explore how to create more space, why the transitional moments are just as significant as the milestones, and why sitting in nothingness is the most productive thing you can do.

PLUS discover why non attachment is the key to successful intention setting.

Includes a course exclusive podcast episode with life and business coach, Rachel MacDonald.

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I Release, I Forgive,
I Surrender 

Learn the ultimate Full Moon ritual to release and surrender during the yin phase of the lunar cycle.

Plus we explore the potency of full surrender and why holding on and the fear of letting go keeps us stuck.

PLUS an exclusive podcast episode with energy healer, Justine Peacock about why forgiveness is vital for successful manifestation.

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How To Trust In The Universe 

Trust is one of the hardest things to teach. However, it's the final piece of the manifestation puzzle and one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.

The moon is a beautiful tool to learn to trust and in the process reduce anxiety and deal with stress.

Includes a course exclusive podcast episode with kinesiologist Zoe Bosco.

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The Importance of Ritual
& Sacred Space 

Learn the importance of rituals and creating a sacred space and how to create a personalised sacred space in your own home.

PLUS learn how to sage a room, how to cleanse, pull and read oracle and tarot cards and how to use crystals to enhance your manifestation and moon practice.

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Finding Your Soul Purpose & True Calling

Find out what a soul purpose is and how to find yours. What it means to step into your truth and be the most authentic version of you.

PLUS learn how to integrate everything you've learnt throughout the Lunar Nights Collective course into your own personal manifestation practice.

Includes a course exclusive podcast episode with psychic emotional counsellor Rebecca Dettman.

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Your Need to Know Manifestation Guide

Learn the simple Manifestation Equation that will have you successfully manifesting everything you desire.

PLUS my tips on how to manifest more money, love, success and happiness and learn what things are definitely stopping you from successfully manifesting.

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What you will receive

5 x Guided Meditations

Receive access to 5 powerful and potent guided meditations designed to enhance your lunar and manifestation practice in the Lunar Nights Collective Meditation Library.

Download and listen to them as part of your lunar practice or on their own individually.

4 x Course Exclusive Podcast Episodes With Experts

I have in-depth chats with psychic emotional counsellor (and my personal psychic) Rebecca Dettman, Energy Healer (and my personal friend) Justine Peacock, Kinesiologist (and my soul sista) Zoe Bosco and the beautiful and always effervescent Rachel MacDonald.

A Complete Audio Version of Lunar Nights

Experience what it's like to be at a Lunar Nights event on the New Moon. Be audibly guided through meditations, intention setting and tools for manifestation. This is one of the most valuable assets in this program.

8 x Comprehensive Workbooks

Complete with all the juicy information required to learn, experiment and play with each moon phase. You'll also receive journal practices, practical exercises and worksheets.

Audio Pranayama Exercise.

The breath just like the moon is an incredible tool for connecting back to self. Enjoy my favourite pranayama exercise in audio format mindfully guided by me.

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How it works

The Lunar Nights Collective is a LIVE course and runs for an entire lunar month. Together as a group we will progress through each module and moon phase. You will receive emails to let you know when the next module is open. 

The course starts the day before the New Moon.  You will receive access to the meditation library, and Module One on the day the course commences. Access to remaining modules will open every few days with the corresponding moon. 

If you fall behind it's not the end of the world. One of the biggest teachings I offer around the moon is, although each phase of the moon can actively support us in in it's own individual way, we are not beholden to that phase. La Luna will support us no matter what. 

You will have lifetime access to the course and all of the content within the course is fully downloadable so you will be able to keep it forever. 

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This course is for you if...

You're fascinated by the moon and want to learn more about her energetic significance and how it effects you. 

You want to be able to set clear and powerful intentions under the New Moon and release and surrender that which no longer serves you with the Full Moon. 

You're curious about the moon (of course), but you're also keen to explore other universal cycles such as the seasons and the sun to see how they impact your energy and mood. 

You're sick and tired of looking for the answers and quick fixes externally, with a deep knowing that everything you need is already inside of you. 

You're intrigued by manifestation and want to learn how to manifest with each phase of the moon. 

You've got a draw full of incense, sage, palo santo, oracle cards and crystals and you're not quite sure what to do with them. I'll show you in intricate detail how!

You're keen to bring more ritual, ceremony and divine connection into your life. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

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