Living a Low Tox Life with Alexx Stuart

Alexx Stuart

The dream when hosting a podcast is interviewing a guest like Alexx Stuart; passionate, engaging, and full of useFUL information.

In this episode we dive deep into her most passionate pursuit, Low Tox Livin’.

Toxins are overwhelmingly everywhere, and Alexx has made it her mission to make switching and ditching the nasties an easy transition for anyone interested in a healthier planet and healthier you!

In this episode we discuss:

  • Alexx’s diverse career from  jazz singer to famous bartender and cosmetics queen to toxin-free warrior.
  • The importance of ditching main stream products and what to replace them with.
  • Why it’s time to replace your appliances.
  • How to reduce food waste (and save a few pennies).
  • Fake naturals and how to spot them.
  • Why we need to stop using straws immediately.
  • How to encourage loved ones to go low tox.
  • And so much more

Listen now:

Links discussed in this episode:

“Go Low Tox” E-Course:

Teflon cookware blog post:

E-tailers to shop from that are 100% safe and gorgeous:

Nerdy Posts about waste:

Connect with Alexx Stuart:


Instagram: @lowtoxlife



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