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8 July 2015 | Inspired Wednesdays
kavisha jega

Happy Wednesday gorgeous souls! Today, I want to introduce you to Kavisha Jega, an infectiously fabulous fellow foodie, who has a knack for teaching time poor professionals (ummm that’s moi) how to improve their diet and move away from quick processed food.

I met this beauty last year and within minutes I feel in love with her passion for cooking, wellness and helping people combine the two through her cooking classes and educational workshops.

Tell us a little bit about who you are and what you do.

Hi, I’m Kavisha and I am a wellness advisor. I’ve had a passion for food for as long as I can remember. What started in primary school as a love of pizza shapes, Cheesymite scrolls and carrot cake (not the actual cake though, just the icing) has now evolved into a love of healthy cooking and eating. After completing my Masters in Wellness, nowadays I combine my passion for healthy eating with my knowledge of holistic wellbeing to educate others and help them transition to a healthier way of eating and living. I believe great health starts with the right education. My food philosophy doesn’t focus on exclusion or deprivation – it’s about adding in MORE ‘real’ food to promote greater mental and physical wellbeing. My mission is to make healthy eating attainable. To help people move away from processed foods and towards a more nourishing whole foods diet!

Now that we’ve heard your inspiring story, what kinds of things inspire you?

I am inspired every day by people making an effort to improve their health and wellbeing. It doesn’t have to be anything drastic. When people choose a green smoothie over a milkshake or salad over fast food,, that personally inspires me to continue eating well. Professionally, I am inspired by the amazing health and wellness entrepreneurs I am surrounded by and connect with everyday. Every one of us is going through the same struggles and are working just as hard to promote something we all truly believe in. The collaborative spirit is what I find most inspiring.

What gets you excited in the kitchen?

Although I am an avid food lover and eater of everything, I love making healthy variations of less than healthy foods. Using veggies instead of grains, hiding healthy ingredients in sweet treats (like these delicious black bean brownies), making healthy whole food based baked goods (this banana bread is a fave). Coming up unique ways to incorporate health-boosting foods into new recipes (turmeric and matcha are my latest obsessions)

What foodie mentors inspire your culinary creations?

I have SO many! Most of my culinary creations are inspired by my instagram feed. Here is a shortlist of some accounts I’m loving atm!

1. Lillian @realfoodhealthybody

2. Mandy @changeroomfoods,

3. Nadia @nadiafelsch

4. Lyndi @nude_nutritionist

5. Victoria @_naturalnutrition_

Mindful eating is a huge part of The Inspired Table’s wellness philosophies, as a wellness advisor what role do you see mindfulness playing at the proverbial dining table?

For me mindful eating is simply about being aware of what you are eating and why you are eating it. When you change what you put into your mouth your whole world changes. I’ve definitely noticed a change in my body and mind for the better since changing my diet (over 5 years ago now!). I strongly believe we should eat out of love (a love of eating amazing tasting fresh food and a love for ourselves and our bodies) rather than out of fear (fear of being fat). Everything should be eaten in balance, and no crazy obsessions. Just relax and listen to your body. Obsessing too much about what you are eating is mentally draining. So what if you unexpectedly over-indulge on the weekend. Just get straight back on the health train the next day! The truth is your diet should be constantly evolving; you should be learning and trying new things all the time. Becoming aware of how different foods affect you (mentally and physically) is the only way to find a style of eating that suits you best.

If you could only pass on one piece of advice for optimal health and happiness, what would it be?

This has nothing to do with food. My number one piece of advice for optimal health and happiness would be to be grateful for everything you have. Each and everyday, just be grateful. Instead of wanting more, buying more, needing more and waiting to become happy, just be grateful for everything you already have. I guarantee you already have everything you ‘need’ to live a healthy and happy life.

Can you name three people that inspire you (and why)?

  1. Sarah and Nic, the team behind Matcha Maiden: They are absolutely kicking butt and I am so inspired by their drive, humility and success.
  2. Nadia Lim: Would love to have my own healthy cooking channel like her one day.
  3. Lisa Messenger: A real thought leader and great source of inspiration for any female entrepreneur!

What’s your favourite inspirational quote? (make sure you let me know who it’s by)

I have an abundance of quotes saved on my phone, stuck up on my vision board and framed around my office and room. This is one I heard over the weekend though and just LOVED it!

“Strive not to be of success but to be of value” – Albert Einstein

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