Intuitive design & creativity with Jo Chun Yan

Jo Chun Yan

I discovered today’s guest when I was looking for some help rebranding an aspect of my business.  

Jo Chun Yan, currently resides in Japan, is of Korean decent, but still calls Melbourne home. She’s into yoga, reiki, Joni Mitchell and mindfulness (which was definitely a bonus for me), but what struck me with Jo is the way in which she approaches graphic design with her clients. You see Jo isn’t your average designer, she is also an intuition coach and works with design clients based on following both her intuition and theirs.

If you have ever tried to come up with branding for your own business, create an aesthetic for your social platforms, or even design an invitation for your birthday, you’ll know that it’s not always easy to express and explain yourself to a designer. Half the time we don’t even know what we want. Jo’s job is to eloquently and gently pull it out of you by allowing you to tap into your intuition. It’s brilliant.

Jo describes herself as a strange cookie, but I would say she is infectiously delightful and an absolute pleasure to interview. 

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  1. Jo ChunYan

    Oh Jordanna!!! What a lovely intro you have written!! Thank you so much for your beautiful words!! I’m rather stunned with delight (again, my vocabulary and use of english continues to go out the window!!) but you get my gist!! I had such a beautiful time speaking with you and loved our conversation!! Thank you for asking such beautiful questions and giving me all the support so I didn’t crumble into a little pile of nerves! Much love !! X

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