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18 November 2015 | Inspired Wednesdays
Lucy Bourchier

Well this is a treat isn’t it?

As most of you know I have been working on recording the first season of The Inspired Table podcast and so in the interest of not stretching myself too much, I put Inspired Wednesdays to bed for awhile. But then I struck gold with this gorgeous creature and couldn’t wait to to share her inspiring words with you.

Lucy Bourchier is a life coach, speaker, yoga teacher and the host of one of my favourite podcasts The Brave Exchange. Lucy’s in the heart-centred business of empowering women to plumpen their authenticity, to discover their unique voice and to embrace the transformational art of being themselves. Her podcasts have been a huge influence on me and were the inspiration behind my brand new podcast series launching January 2016.

This Inspired Wednesdays interview is such a goodie! I’m so thrilled I have the opportunity to share this inspirational goddess with ya’ll. Enjoy! x

The Brave Exchange is a truly inspirational podcast series, you should be all sorts of proud. Can you tell us how it came to be?

Thank you so much. Well – the initial spark ignited about a year before the show came to be. It was a slow burner! This was party due to the fear of sharing my voice (the literal SOUND of it!) but also myself and my story so candidly. So it took a while to rally my myself to JUST DO IT.

Yes – back to the spark! I loved listening to podcasts (still do!) but felt there was a gap in what was available for women. I basically created the show I wished existed. One that delved into all the Big Girl stuff – career, spirituality, money, relationships, intimacy, motherhood, growth, loss, rejection, business, fears, womanhood.

TBE is a reflection of the conversations I most enjoy having and that I think people are crying out for these days – transparent, brave, real, moving (with a side serve of fun). I’m so grateful that other women find meaning, inspiration, relief and a sense of community in TBE.

Now that we’ve heard your inspirational story, what kind of things inspire you?

Comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable. That short philosophy inspires me. I seek to do this in my life and work. It’s been a subconscious lifelong compulsion. I can’t not reach out and comfort people in pain. And I hope that compulsion never fades. I’m confident it won’t!

In my work I’m lucky enough to get a rare glimpse into the inner workings of people’s minds – and their emotional worlds – and I can tell you now, that we all need comforting at some time or another.

I think we’re at time in history when fear of “the other” is rife and is only inflaming prejudice and separation. It’s important that we care for each other. That we go out of our way to help and to be kind. To look past constructed stereotypes to see people, individual people and treat them with love and respect.

Disturb the comfortable reminds me to experiment, question, and to not resolve to comfort and familiarity.

Aside from being a podcaster you’re also a coach, writer and yoga teacher who is passionate about helping people radiate authenticity and discover their unique voice. Do you believe there is a direct correlation between our authenticity and our strive for health and happiness?

Yes I absolutely do.

My message is not to be different for the sake of recognition or appreciation, but to allow yourself to drift from regularity because by nature you are different and miraculously unique. Surrender to you authentic self. Learning to own and honour the rare gems we hold within us (our inclinations, curiosities, inexplainable loves, our eccentric assortment of gifts) is one of the most liberating and transformational tasks we can undertake. This is the hallmark of living from the inside out (authentically) which is what I guide my amazing clients to do. When I began living this way myself (which was a JOLT – because I lived out of alignment for a very long time) – my health, my skin, my digestion, my self-esteem all improved incredibly. Living authentically – being honest to oneself – is essential to our health and happiness.

Mindfulness plays a huge part in The Inspired Table’s wellness philosophies. In what ways do you practice mindfulness?

Oooo. I’m glad you asked! I try to be as mindful as I can be. Slipping in and out all day. I like to think of my thoughts like a train. When one train of thought starts rolling (such as worrying about the future / money / Christmas) if we’re not mindful about it, we jump straight on the train and we ride full steam ahead – 30 stations out to the end of the line (not where we want to be!). So for me, I notice when I’m on the ‘train’. And if it’s not heading someplace I want to go, I get off (when I can!). I notice; and I let go of the frantic thought-vomit by noticing the sensations I can feel in my body. (It’s impossible to think and feel sensation at the same time) which is something I’ve learned from yoga. Therefore it’s nearly impossible to be caught in anxiety provoking thought when we’re present to the sensations in our body. Sometimes I notice the train. Sometimes I can stay on the platform. And sometimes it takes me all the way…It does take discipline!! But it’s super empowering and the more we practice the better we get.

If you had to choose one The Brave Exchange podcast episode that was the most personally impactful, which one would you choose and why?

Hmmm!!! Wow. OK – this is hard.

I’m sorry I have to choose three!

Finding Yourself. Trust, Clarity and the Art of Letting Go with Carren Smith
Assassins of Creativity. Unleashing Your Best Work Everyday with Todd Henry
Actionable Passive Income (+ Money Mindset Mastery) with Denise Duffield Thomas

(I agree with all three and also the episode Playing Big with Lisa Messenger).

If you could only pass on one piece of advice for optimal health and happiness, what would it be?

Focus on cultivating your own unique gems – those interests and longings that pull at your heart. What if they were planted in your heart for a reason? What if there were no mistakes? What if all the good, rational, legit reasons for why you “can’t’” were a part of your path? I deeply believe this to be the case. Ask yourself – What do I really want? Become the non-judgemental expert in yourself. Allow who and what you really are to be discovered, seen, expressed and felt. There’s a difference to be made in your name.

What’s your favourite inspirational quote?

“Never cut loose from your longings”- Amos Oz

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  1. Megan

    Ladies I freaking love this interview! Such gorgeous gems in here. I love this: “Learning to own and honour the rare gems we hold within us (our inclinations, curiosities, inexplainable loves, our eccentric assortment of gifts) is one of the most liberating and transformational tasks we can undertake.” Mmmm SO GOOD.
    Loved the podcast with Careen Smith too. Absolute gold ladies, thank you so much for sharing! Xx

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