Inspired Smoothies Giveaway: Win a Vitamix

8 December 2015 | Life Musings

Inspired Smoothies

To celebrate a successful year at The Inspired Table and the hundreds of downloads of my popular free eBook Inspired Smoothies (download your free copy here) I decided to give away a bunch of some of my favourite smoothie products.

What started out as a small idea that might include a few sample products from my favourite brands turned into an inspiring amount of generosity and a prize so good I wish I could win it myself (that’s def not allowed according to the Terms and Conditions). 

Just so you know, I personally use (and buy) all of the products featured in this giveaway. I have not been paid by any of these brands. I reached out to them because I genuinely dig what they’re doing and they kindly donated their products. 

How to enter


  1. Regram the above picture on Instagram OR post a picture of your favourite smoothie (get some inspiration here). 
  2. Follow @theinspiredtable and @vitamix_aunz
  3. Tag the photo #inspiredsmoothies so that I can find your entry.

Note: Only entries that complete all three steps are eligible for the prize. You can enter as many times as you like. 

The winner will be drawn on Monday December 14. Entries close midnight Sunday December 13.

The Inspired Smoothies Giveaway valued at $1,105.94 includes:

1 x Vitamix S30 (Daybreak Blue) $845

Australia’s first high-performance personal blender. This blender is like nothing you’ve ever tried before… not in such a compact size anyway. I love the two portable containers that you can blend all your goodies in and then pop on a lid and take with you on the go.

4 x 1L Raw C Coconut Water $23.30

I am a fresh coconut gal. I don’t really like the taste of the packaged stuff, but I reckon Raw C is the closest you can get to the real thing. Plus it’s got the lowest amount of sugar and it’s raw so it still contains many of the nutrients that the other packaged coconut waters lack. I always have a bottle of it in the fridge. 

They also included 4 x 330ml bottles of their Protein & Cacao Coconut Water, and 4 x 330ml bottles of their Guarana & Acai Raw C Coconut Water.

1 x 500g Bare Blends Vanilla Bean Whey Protein Isolate $42.49

This is hands down my favourite whey protein powder. I can’t tolerate many whey based protein powders but I have no issues with Bare Blends WPI. I also think the taste, texture and ingredients list is the best of the bunch. 

1 x 525g Isowhey Organic Bio-Fermented Pea + Brown Rice Protein $35.95

If you’re vegan or can’t tolerate whey then this is the protein powder for you. It’s also full of superfoods like lucuma, flaxseed, maca, sacha inchi, gubinge, cacao and sweet potato. 

6 x 70g Isowhey superfoods $89.70

  1. Sacha Inchi, Turmeric & Camu Camu
  2. Beetroot, Macqui & Goji
  3. Lucuma, Chia & Wildcrafted Coconut 
  4. Mixed Greens with Matcha
  5. Maca, Cacao & Mesquite
  6. Kale, Collard Greens & Broccoli Sprouts

The ultimate addition to your smoothies. Just a teaspoon of one of these delicious superfood powders adds nutrients, colour and delicious flavour to your favourite smoothie blends. 
But they’re not just limited to smoothies, I love using the Beetroot, Macqui & Goji Powder in my Cacao & Beetroot Brownies and my Banana, Cacao & Beetroot Muffins. 

1 x Isowhey Cacao Powder $13.95

My name is Jordanna Levin and I am a cacao addict. Nuf’ said. 

1 x 300g Isowhey Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil $10.95

Oh and a coconut oil addict. Not all coconut oils are created equal though, and some taste and smell funky. This Isowhey Organic Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil is my favourite by far. Trust me you can taste the difference. 

1 x 300g Isowhey Organics Superfood Sprinkle $14.95

I’m only about the crunchy smoothie toppings and this superfood sprinkle takes the fuss out of it completely. I love stirring it into homemade chocolate too! Yum!

1 x 100g Shakti’s Superfood Blend $33

Not your average greens powder. First of all it doesn’t taste even a little bit offence (c’mon you know most of them do), it’s full of a bunch of the really good stuff like spirulina, chlorella, bee pollen, barley and wheatgrass, plus a bunch of extras like maca, mesquite and chia. You can read more about Shakti’s formula here

4 x 50g Love Smoothies Superfood Powders $19.95 each

Do you follow @wholefoodnutritionista on Instagram? She is a smoothie enthusiast, so much so that she created this unbelievable superfood smoothie products. Each flavour is full of the highest quality ingredients with zero fillers. I love them in smoothies but they also taste great as a hot drink or added to banana ice cream. 

  1. Superfood Vanilla Chai 
  2. Superfood Milk Chocolate 
  3. Superfood Matcha Greens 
  4. Superfood Protein Blend

5 x 15g slugs of Pics Peanut Butter

100% peanuts. 100% delicious. 100% the best.

Please read the full Terms and Conditions before entering.

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