How to get a bikini body (+ $450 worth of resources)!

6 October 2015 | Health, Inspire Me, Life Musings

I used to FREAK out about summer.

I live in Bondi, right on the beach and have done so for most of my life.

But two years ago I went through an entire summer without dipping more than a toe in the ocean because I was ashamed of how I looked in a bikini.

Crazy! Right?

I live a stone’s throw away from the sparkling, clear blue and cleansing ocean and robbed myself of it’s therapeutic and refreshing powers, because I was ashamed of the dimples on my thighs and my god forsaken boobs bestowed upon me at the age of 14 that struggle to sit comfortably in a triangle bikini top.

But then I got my shit together about my body image (watch the video here), and realised that I, of all people, had very little to be ashamed of.

I eat well, live well and move my body every god damn day. I can’t do anymore than that…

I deserve to be in a bikini swanning around in the waves just as much as the gorgeous Bondi models and fitspo queens who elegantly grace the Bondi promenade.

The outer human meat suit that we inhabit is not always an accurate reflection of who we are, how we live, and what we offer. I am a walking, living, breathing testament to that.

If you’re nourishing yourself physically, nutritionally, emotionally and mindfully then you should feel proud to strip down, dive in and immerse yourself in the beauty of summer. Shouldn’t you?


If you’re not quite there yet (and I totally get it) and you’re looking for some resources to get you eating better, thinking better and moving more so that you can say to yourself with utter confidence

“I have NOTHING to be ashamed of and I am showing up as the very best version of my internal self” 

Then I am so excited to tell you about this amazing deal, that I am super honoured to be a part of (like, pinch-me excited) .

The Ultimate Australian Wellness Bundle

It’s the first of it’s kind in Australia and it’s only available for the next 10 days (Oct 6 – Oct 16)!

The Ultimate Australian Wellness Bundle contains 35+ eBooks (worth over $450) from 30 of Australia’s top healthy living experts, and it’s only $44.95 (which is less than a week’s membership at F45, a fortnight at a yoga studio, a days juice cleanse, half an hour with a personal trainer or a day’s worth of store-bought healthy eating).

PLUS $1 from every sale goes to One Health Organisation, a United Nations registered association that supports the disadvantaged and vulnerable through a holistic approach to primary health care.

blog_wellness bundle

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You’ll find three of my most popular titles included in the bundle: The 7-Day Inspired Eating Guide, A Stress Free Guide to Allergies & Intolerances and Inspired Basics.

It also includes eBooks from Inspired Wednesdays alumni – Kate Callaghan, Cassie Mendoza-Jones, Alexx Stuart & Irena Macri.

Plus some of my health and wellness mentors Lee Holmes, Tom Cronin, Cyndi O’Meara, Dr Brett Hill & Alice Nicholls.

And a whole bunch of other Inspiring wellness folk like Adele McConnell, The Merrymaker Sisters, Lauren Glucina, Jules Clancy, Lilian Dikmans & a whole bunch more.

See the entire contributor list here.

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If you aren’t familiar with eBook bundles, they typically include a variety of eBooks from authors and bloggers in a particular niche, such as health and wellness.

They are sold at a discounted price for a limited time only (10 days in this case, ending Oct 16).

It’s a way for all of the contributors to gain new readers and reach as many gorgeous health conscious people as possible,  and an opportunity for readers to gain access to resources they wouldn’t be able to afford if sold separately. Win, win!

This is the very first bundle to focus on exclusively Aussie-made resources.

Unlike other bundle deals every single eBook in this collection is worthy of your time (I’m in eBook heaven at the moment).

Wellness Bundle Banner

You’ll find info on everything from paleo, raw and vegetarian recipes, to detox meal plans, tips to reduce stress, tone up, sleep better and find balance and clarity in your life.

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Here is a little taste of what’s inside:

  • Learn how to heal your gut with an informative, uncomplicated and achievable gut healing protocol from one of Australia’s favourite holistic nutritionists and whole food chefs Lee Holmes (Heal Your Gut).
  • Connect with your inner wisdom and be guided towards radiant health with one of my besties, Cassie Mendoza-Jones. She combines the best tools and tips from her areas of practice, nutrition, naturopathy, herbalism and kinesiology – into one system for optimal wellness. (Cleansed)
  • Try 25 new, nutritionally balanced whole food breakfast recipes (my fave meal of the day), which come with stunning pictures and detailed instructions and variations, from an experienced naturopath Georgia Harding ND (Rise & Shine – A Well Nourished Breakfast)
  • Learn how to make raw cheesecakes with Jules Galloway (Desserts Raw & Simple), grain, gluten and refined sugar free chocolate hummingbird cake with Alice Nichols (Sweet), or a vegan triple coconut sorbet with Adele McConnell (Sweet Essentials)
  • Get tips and guidance on how to deal with change and stress in order to live a blissfully effortless and more mindful life with Tom Cronin (Path To Peace).

And that’s just some of the things you will get out of this bundle.

Get all 35+ eBooks (valued over $450) for only $44.95 AUD! But hurry, it’s only on sale until Oct 16th.

Click here to view more details and grab this exclusive deal while it lasts.

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