Healing Your Gut With Lee Holmes

31 October 2017 | The Inspired Table Podcast

In this episode of The Inspired Table Podcast, I catch up with Lee Holmes, nutritionist, wholefoods chef, yoga teacher and author of seven books, to chat about one of her greatest passions, gut health.

This particular topic is of deep importance to me, because I had a very messed up gut. I thought all the symptoms I was experiencing were normal and didn’t connect any of them to my gut flora. 

Lee takes us through some of the symptoms you can look out for so you can identify if it’s time you paid a little more attention to your gut and we discuss some of the simple remedies for good gut health so you can start taking care of your gut today ( including some of Lee’s favourite recipes).

In this episode we discuss:

  • How Lee’s own health issues sparked her interest in wholefoods cooking.
  • Why everyday fresh foods make the best meals.
  • Lee and I bond over our love of Jamie Oliver.
  • How Lee improved her autoimmune health from the ground up.
  • Why you should trust your gut.
  • Why gut health so important.
  • The simple things you can be doing every day to look after your gut.
  • The key ingredients you should be cooking with to support your gut health.
  • What’s next for Lee Holmes?

Listen Now:

Links discussed in this episode:

Connect with Lee:
Website: www.superchargedfood.com
Instagram: @leesupercharged
Facebook: www.facebook.com/superchargedfood

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