Full Moon Releasing Ritual

31 March 2018 | Manifestation

This releasing ritual is a beautiful way to honour and create ceremony around the full moon.

What you’ll need:
* Sage, Palo Santo or a cleansing spray (it’s cool if you don’t have).
*A candle
*A few pieces of paper (not a notebook) & pen
*Your favourite crystal
*An implement that creates fire!

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How to:

1. Cleanse the room you’ll be conducting the ritual in. You can use sage, palo santo or a cleansing spray. If you have none of those things just place intention around allowing the space to be energetically cleansed and clear.

2. Light your candle. Gather all of your other supplies.

3. Close your eyes and centre your energy. Allow yourself to bring your awareness to your breath with each breathe creating more stillness and calmness within. It might help to repeat in your head the words “Let” on the inhale and “Go” on the exhale until you find your energy centre.

4. Grab your pen and paper and free write all of the things you wish to release from your life. Think big! What is no longer serving you. Just keep writing. Don’t edit or pause. Just let the words flow. I’d set aside 20 minutes for this.

5. Read through what you’ve written and notice any themes or commonalities that keep showing up for you.

6. Place your crystal on top of the piece of paper. Place your left hand on your heart and your right hand on top of the crystal. Close your eyes… and repeat…

“I allow myself to release these things from my life. I no longer wish to carry these through with me to the next phase of the lunar cycle. I have learnt the lessons and I’m ready to step into my truth and authenticity, leaving behind that which no longer serves me”

7. Now blow out the candle. This is symbolic of ceremonial endings.

8. This next part is optional, but it’s the icing on the cake for me. Using the motto safety first, burn that paper. I do it over the sink in case it gets out of hand, but the fire is wildly symbolic. If you don’t feel safe burning it, rip up the pieces of paper and bury them in the garden, to become part of the earth.

9. Lastly place the crystal outside in the full moonlight to allow it to cleanse and recharge under the glow of the Full Moon.

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