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What to pack for India: Clothes

29 May 2017 | Life Musings
What to pack for India

I’m writing this post because when I was packing for India I googled just that, ‘what to pack for India’, and didn’t find anything particularly helpful. If you’re keen to know what beauty items to pack you can check out…

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What to pack for India: Beauty

20 March 2017 | Life Musings

Welcome to a new little series that I’m about to roll out across The Inspired Table titled “What to Pack For India”. Seems a little niche, right? Well I guess it could apply to many a destination, but you see when…

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Episode 207: Catching Up with Hayden Quinn

28 June 2016 | Life Musings
Hayden Quinn

Join me for the latest episode of The Inspired Table podcast as I catch up with my good mate Hayden Quinn. In this episode we discuss: The many different professional hats he wears. How he introduces himself to international strangers on airplanes….

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The Best Sticky Chai Recipe

9 March 2016 | Life Musings
sticky chai

While enjoying my month sans coffee, I’ve become a bit of a chai snob and although I have my favourites (hit me up for the list) I have recently resorted to making my own… Because there’s chai and then there’s…

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Inspired Smoothies Giveaway: Win a Vitamix

8 December 2015 | Life Musings

To celebrate a successful year at The Inspired Table and the hundreds of downloads of my popular free eBook Inspired Smoothies (download your free copy here) I decided to give away a bunch of some of my favourite smoothie products. What started…

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How to manifest anything you want.

21 October 2015 | Inspire Me, Life Musings
How to manifest

Who here believes in manifestation? I don’t profess to be an expert on it, but yesterday morning when I woke up at an ungodly hour stressing about several things (mostly finances and deadlines and an icky business negotiation that I’m…

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