Inspired Wednesdays

Inspired Wednesdays with Kavisha Jega

8 July 2015 | Inspired Wednesdays
kavisha jega

Happy Wednesday gorgeous souls! Today, I want to introduce you to Kavisha Jega, an infectiously fabulous fellow foodie, who has a knack for teaching time poor professionals (ummm that’s moi) how to improve their diet and move away from quick processed food. I…

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Inspired Wednesdays with Melissa Ambrosini

1 July 2015 | Inspired Wednesdays
Melissa Ambrosini

There’s inspiring, and then there’s the kick-you-in-the-butt-and-get-your-juices-flowing kind of inspiring. Melissa Ambrosini is the latter. And you my dear friends are in luck, because Melissa took time out of her busy schedule, inspiring women to live their wildest dreams and create…

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Inspired Wednesdays with Suzzi Hartery

24 June 2015 | Inspired Wednesdays

Suzzi Hartery is a confidence and self empowerment coach who you can find weaving her magic over at Nourished Hub. Suzzi isn’t one to follow the crowd and she wouldn’t expect you to either. Coaching women to refine their confidence, celebrate their…

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