Foods that balance your root chakra

20 July 2015 | Health, Recipes
Foods that balance your root chakra

Over the next seven weeks we will be exploring each of the seven chakras and how it’s possible to balance and heal these energy centres through your food choices. Not sure what I’m on about? You might want to start…

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Balancing the chakras with food

17 July 2015 | Health
chakra mandala

Over the next seven weeks I’m going to explore a modality of healing and an alternative approach to health that you may not have encountered before. It’s a little left of centre, but based on ancient traditions dating back to 1200 BC, so…

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How the wellness industry got it all wrong

3 July 2015 | Health

I’ve spent my entire life enamoured by food. As an infant I preferred smoked salmon on rye over fairy bread. Most mornings Mum would catch me with one hand, not in the cookie jar, but in the oversized dill pickle jar. I…

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6 Tips for Eating Out With Food Allergies

3 June 2015 | Health, Inspire Me

The Stress-Free Guide to Allergies and Intolerances is fast becoming the bestselling book in The Inspired Table store. This is an extract from one of my favourite chapters.  One of the key stresses surrounding people’s relationship with food, is the ability to…

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How to be a Conscious Carnivore

21 April 2015 | Health, Life Musings

I categorise myself as a considerate and conscious eater. I try and buy organic, ethically sourced and sustainable produce, I never let food go to waste and I make good use of my kitchen scraps. But something I struggle with…

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Why I’ve started saying grace

16 April 2015 | Health, Life Musings

My father is a non-practicing jew, my mother a non-practicing catholic, and I was raised to have faith in myself and my ability to do anything I desired… but as a teenager, i labelled myself an atheist. I didn’t believe…

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