Ayurveda, Women’s Cycles and the Moon

6 November 2017 | The Inspired Table Podcast
Katie Manistas

This podcast interview is sitting up there in my top 3. Perhaps because the subject matter is a combination of two things that I admire greatly, Ayurveda and the moon, but also because my guest Katie Manistas is just one of those people who you could listen to all day.

Her teachings are fascinating, so relevant and completely digestable and we barely skim the surface in this interview.

Katie Manitsas is an advanced level jivamukti yoga teacher, Wise Earth Ayurveda master teacher, doula, author and she holds the highest possible accreditations with both Yoga Alliance and Yoga Australia.

Katie is one of my teachers at my current yoga teacher training with Sukha Mukha and in the first 5 minutes of being in her presence I knew she was going to be teaching me so much more than how to be a yoga teacher. Her knowledge is incredible but it’s how she shares it that makes her such a special soul.

I attended an Ayurveda and Women’s workshop that Katie held over the weekend and if you are a woman who is interested in her own reproductive system, healthy periods, fertility and good health I cannot recommend one of Katie’s workshops enough.

In this episode we discuss:

  • What is Ayurveda?
  • How can Ayurveda help heal us.
  • Why Ayurveda is so beneficial for women.
  • The connection between Ayurveda and the moon.
  • Why our menstrual cycles are so connected to the moon and what to do if yours are not.
  • Whether or not we should practice inversions during our menstrual cycle.
  • And so much more…

Listen now:

Connect with Katie Manitsas:

Website: www.katiemanitsas.com.au

Instagram: @katiemanitsas

Facebook: facebook.com/everyday.sadhana.1

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