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Amelia Harvey

To be honest with you, when I started this series I was worried I’d get to a point where I’d run out of people to feature, but every week I come across more and more inspirational entrepreneurs, soul shakers and life changers out there being authentically magnificent. Today I have the honour of introducing to you the infectiously inspirational Amelia Harvey.

Amelia is a soul centered Holistic Health and Life Coach, from Perth, Australia. She inspires women to connect with their hearts and align with their true selves so that that can live their most radiantly healthy and gorgeously happy life with ease. Her mission is to empower young women by providing them with a toolkit for a joyful life on every level – body, mind, and spirit.

Tell us a little about yourself and what compelled you to become a holistic health and life coach.

Hello! I’m Amelia – I’m super passionate about empowering women to become more radiantly healthy and gorgeously happy and do it all with ease.

The turning point for me to take a leap of faith and follow my passion for wellness came after I’d finished my honours degree in Psychology and, after weighing up my options, decided I might give medicine a go. I studied my butt off for the entrance exam, got a great mark and then realised that the thought of spending the rest of my 20’s studying just didn’t feel right.

I was spending so much time procrastinating from study by learning about holistic health and reading blogs so I took that interest and ran with it. I knew my psychology background would give me a great base as a coach so I studied at IIN and started coaching clients and blogging in early 2014 and the rest is history! (Along with plenty of hard work and learning SO much about running a business!). I’m so lucky to have worked with hundreds of women since to empower them to find that deeper connection to their truth and alignment with their best self.

Now that we’ve heard your inspirational story, what kind of things inspire you?

I’m so inspired by following my heart and trusting my gut – and seeing other people do the same. I love to see people following their passions and making their dreams into reality. I always feel very inspired when I travel and I get daily inspiration from sitting in meditation and getting out in nature.

Your work focuses on self love, enhancing intuition and making positive, soulful and lasting change to women’s lives; what part do you believe our relationship to food plays in our relationship to self?

I believe that how we relate to food is often very representative of how we relate to life. Because of this, looking at our relationship with food can be a wonderful gateway to understanding where our inner critic is keeping us stuck or holding onto old limiting beliefs. For example, when we eat very quickly, it might be because hold the deeper belief that there isn’t enough to go around, or that everything that nourishes and supports you could disappear tomorrow.

In my group program, The Soul Sister Sessions, I dedicate an entire session to looking at the relationship with food and what it says about self worth and self love. Really, our relationship with food is a result of these things so when my clients are struggling with food and eating, it’s never about the food (and definitely can’t be fixed with a meal plan or diet!) so we go back to building that foundation of worthiness and self love and as a lovely side effect, the relationship with food becomes more healthy and effortless.

What foodie mentors inspire you?

I love Jess Sepel – she has such a beautifully balanced approach to healthy eating and I can really relate to her story of body image struggles and dieting before finding a healthy relationship with food.

I also love Jamie Oliver and Sarah Wilson – I’m very inspired by the work they do in spreading awareness about eating real food.

I often cook recipes by Ella Woodward and Madeline Shaw too. My family are great cooks and I was lucky to grow up with a Mum who always had us helping prepare healthy food so I’m inspired by her love of cooking too.

Mindfulness, and in particular mindful eating, plays a huge part in The Inspired Table’s wellness philosophies. In what ways do you practice mindfulness?

I am a huge fan of mindfulness and practicing it is a huge part of my life. To me, mindfulness is about being aware of the inner critic or ego voice so that I can detach from it and reconnect with the present moment. It really is a moment by moment practice but I set myself up to be more mindful with yoga, spending time in nature, journaling, meditating, painting and drawing, and switching off from technology as much as I can!

I see those moments when I slip out of mindfulness and get up in my head as little lessons that guide me back towards being more mindful and aware.

If you could only pass on one piece of advice for optimal health and happiness, what would it be?

That it doesn’t have to be hard work! I teach my tribe that finding health and happiness isn’t about willpower or restriction or being super disciplined – it’s about being gentle with yourself and getting in touch with you inner best self. When we tackle health and happiness from this internal place by making choices out of love for ourselves, it becomes easy and second nature to be healthy and happy.

Can you name three people that inspire you (and why)?

I am so inspired by my beautiful tribe and my clients – spending time with them either in my workshops, Happy Healthy Ease Facebook community, Soul Sister Sessions, or private coaching always leaves me buzzing and so excited about sharing my message with them! Helping them find inner peace and ease is why I do what I do.

My darling man inspires me to be the best version of myself and to keep growing and learning all the time.

I’m also super inspired by women starting their own passion-fuelled business and companies – ladies like Zoe Foster Blake, Jess Sepel, Danielle LaPorte, and Sarah Wilson.

What’s your favourite inspirational quote?

 ‘May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears’ – Nelson Mandela

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