May you always be excited by your own individual inspiration and vision.
Jordanna Levin

Unleash the possibilities that are buried within you. In a world where we’re taught to lower our expectations to avoid disappointment, comes a movement towards more joy, more love and more abundance. The only problem is, we’ve forgotten how. But it’s there buried deep inside each and everyone of us. All it takes is a sweet remembering. Let me take you on journey back to centre so you can unleash your infinite potential.

Lunar Nights

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Manifestation isn’t about mantra, magic and making millions and it’s a whole lot more rewarding than just “thoughts become things”. It is a tool for self-empowerment and using my simple Manifestation Equation you can create anything you desire.
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The Inspired Table Podcast

Listen to interviews with the people who inspire me daily, in the hope that some of that juicy inspiration will rub off on you. Find out more

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Hey there, I’m
Jordanna Levin
a kitchen alchemist, lunar lover, yoga teacher, podcaster and writer who believes that the ability to heal and nourish yourself has been inside of you along.

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